Stop 13 Volunteers and Last Stop

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring Iowa’s prairie heritage with us. Restoring, reconstructing, and managing the endangered tallgrass prairie and wildlife is a big job. Countless people have helped make that possible since the first prairie seeds were collected: students, volunteers, interns, and many more. We thank them for all they’ve done to make the refuge a reality.

We’d especially like to thank the “Friends of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge,” the non-profit which since 1993 has supported the refuge through intern funding, land acquisition, and much more. This auto tour is one of many projects they’ve helped make possible. To learn more about the Friends, you can visit their website here.

Feeling inspired? If you would like to get involved with helping the prairie, here are links to volunteer opportunities at the refuge

This is just one of more than 550 National Wildlife Refuges across the country. If you’re interested in more refuges, check out some of the others in Iowa:

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