Bird Watching at Overlook Trail

Photo: Sing, Fly, Soar into Bird-Watching sign with images of a variety of bird species on it.

Take a walk along the 1/2 mile Overlook Trail loop and look for the six "Build Your Bird Watching Skills" signs. The information located on both sides of the signs will provide you with basic tips on how to bird watch.

Learning the characteristics of the different bird groups is a helpful way to start. For example, most ducks have webbed feet, stocky bodies, rounded flat bills, and live near water. This will enable you to narrow your search and make it easier to search a field guide for a bird you wish to identify.

May is a wonderful time to bird watch since many birds are migrating north to their breeding grounds. Enjoy the walk and be sure to use your sense of sight and hearing to identify the birds around you.

To learn more about bird watching and bird migration visit World Migratory Bird Day at

Photo: A sign with the title "Bird by Shape" and silhouettes of a variety of bird species.